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Dental Laboratory Technician and Assistant Shares Process of Making Prosthetics

Imad Salmon of Washington Township, owner of Starr Dental Laboratory and certified dental laboratory technician opens up about his experience of working as a dental lab tech, and the process of making a prosthesis to fit the needs of his patients. “I started this business many years ago,” says Salmon. “I wanted to be a doctor, […]

Chivalrous Single Mom Shares Frustrations Of Small Living Quarters And Taking On Additional Mouths To Feed.

Since the horrific day that, Tasha Malik of Detroit MI, was contacted by the first lady of the church she attends took on troubled teen, Karmen Perry, there have been added struggles in some areas, and relief in others. “Karmen is an absolute sweetheart,” says Malik. “She’s always quick to jump right in with cleaning […]

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Author Bryan Prince Celebrates Black History Month with the Charles H. Wright Museum

On Sunday February 22, 2015, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History featured published Canadian author and historian Bryan Prince. Prince delved into topics of the Civil War, African Canadians, some of the roles black women played during that time, and his newly published book, “My Brother’s Keeper, African Canadians and the Civil War”.

Alcohol Induced Seizure

A First Hand Account   An alcohol withdrawal seizure occurs when a chronic drinker decides to quit suddenly. Medical professionals advise that if a person who drinks heavily, and on a daily basis decides on a time to stop, then it should be done under strict medical supervision. Nadira Wade of Detroit Michigan suffered an […]

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The Strong Holds Of Addiction

Beating The Odds On Wednesday January 7, 2014, the Wade family received startling, and heart shattering news. Doretha Thomas of Detroit Michigan was driving home from work when she received the dreaded call from her baby brother. Their mother was shacking uncontrollably, had bitten her tongue and blood was gushing from her mouth. Mrs. Wade, […]

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